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Join us for Worship and Sunday School

8am Worship in the Sanctuary

9:30am Children, Youth and Adult Sunday School

11am Worship in Morris Hall

Additionally, please join us for our Weekly Communion Service: Wednesdays at 5pm in the Sanctuary

With the rapid advances in the changing of COVID protocols, business, churches, and schools are making many decisions that are not to be taken lightly.   

Garber Church has tried its best to balance physical safety and the spiritual well-being of our congregation during this COVID season.  

Thank you for your participation and cooperation in such times.

**Mask wearing is encouraged and social distancing is elective** 

Adventure Camp August 8-12



Calling all Garber families with students who have COMPLETED 4th and 5th grade! 


BE BOLD! turns questions into action and helps kids make a difference. 

When preteens experience the impact of faith in action, many uncertainties become clear.  



Contact Laura Wilkins at LauraWilkins02@gmail.com

Adventure Camp will be held Monday-Friday, August 8-12 from 9am-Noon.  

Once students are registered, parents will receive communication electronically with specific information.

Unable to join us in person?  Worship with us us online! 

Click here for our LIVE streaming portal.

If you missed a Worship Service, or would like to share this week's Worship time with a friend, 

the services are recorded and stored online just go to the streaming page to see the current LIVE service

or view previous services.  

This is a great resource for those that are ill or unable to join us,  

and for folks who are curious about Garber Church.

Please Remember...

this is no substitute for actually being present with

the body of Christ in Worship,  

Worship isn't something we can consume on a screen,

 but something we offer up together as a gathered people.

We pray this resource will bless you and your family. 


In this continued season of the COVID-19, we look to the Word for guidance. 

In 1 John, we are instructed to love as Jesus loves and with that, we have modified several aspects of our ministry here at Garber Church:

  • When indoors at Garber Church, we highly encouraging mask wearing.
  • Garber Church was blessed to install an ionization system to make our air cleaner and less hospitable to airborne pathogens.  Your generosity enabled us to install this equipment in every air handling system in the entire facility on both sides of our campus.

Thanks be to God for his mercies each and every day.  May He hold you and keep you, as we continue to seek to do His will.