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Holy Communion October 28

Join us for Holy Communion on Wednesday, October 28 at 5pm in the Sanctuary.  

Please click here to sign up. 

For those who would like to celebrate Communion at home, we will live stream this service on the Garber website, the Garber Facebook and the Boxcast App.  Consecrated elements are available for pick up from the Atrium Monday-Wednesday 9:00am-4:30pm.

Are you new?  

Want to learn more about Garber? 

If you have been a guest to Garber in person worship services or online and want to

take a next step, please join us at the home of Sara and Mac King,  902 Leeward Drive, 

for a socially distanced event

Monday, November 9 at 6 p.m. 

Click here to sign up to attend.

There will be an opportunity to meet the pastors in person and the staff via video.

We will give an overview of Garber, 

including our mission and values, 

and share ways to make connections with others during this challenging time.

To learn more online click here.

Unable to join us in person? Come join us online! 

Click here for our LIVE streaming portal.

If you missed a Worship Service, or would like to share this week's Worship time with a friend, 

the services are recorded and stored online

just go to the streaming page to see the current LIVE service or view previous services. 

This is a great resource for those that are ill or unable to join us, and for folks who are curious

about Garber to learn more about our gatherings. 

Please remember: this is no substitute for actually being present with the body of Christ in Worship,  Worship isn't something we can consume on a computer screen, but something we offer up

together as a gathered people.

We pray this resource will bless you and your family. 


We were made to Worship together! 

Our 8am Worship service will move indoors to Morris Hall beginning October 25.  Seating is limited and we ask that anyone who would like to attend the 8am service sign up.

Our 9am Worship service will be hosted in the Sanctuary.  Seating is limited and we ask that anyone would like to attend the 9am service sign up.

At 11am we will Worship in Morris Hall.  Seating is limited and we ask that anyone who would like to attend the 11am service sign up.

**Sign up for any of these Worship services at the top of our homepage.**

We will continue to stream services both the 8am and 11am services, and encourage you to join us online HERE, on Facebook HERE, or Boxcast if you prefer to stream from Roku/Firestick. If you need help with this please contact the church office. We are encouraging folks to gather in small groups in homes if they feel comfortable (and are healthy and not vulnerable to this illness), meeting on Sundays to stream together and fellowship together. If you need assistance in any way or need to speak with a pastor, we invite you to call the office 252-637-4022.