"no man is an island" 

It is true, God did not make us to live our lives wholly disconnected from one another and from Him. 

We thrive when we are connected to the living God and to one another. 

At Garber we aim to help every person we meet find the joy of belonging. 

Belonging to God, belonging to one another...


Get acquainted with the body of Christ at Garber. Join us in worship, and don't be afraid to add your voice in both our Sanctuary service and our Morris Hall service. Visit a Sunday School class or a weekday small group. Stop by and participate in a missions project like a Backpack Blessing build. 


Enroll in an ACCESS class. This is a great way to know more about Garber and about our faith in Jesus Christ. This is also a great place to ask lots of questions


If you feel that God is leading you to be part of Garber Church, we welcome you in membership! Membership to the Church is not like membership in a country club, its not about paying dues and enjoying amenities; it is about taking your place in the Body of Christ. There is only one you! The Body is made richer and more complete by your presence and regular participation. Being a member means accepting Christ as Lord and King. Nobody here is perfect, but with all that we have we aim the be all that God intends for us to be by the power and presence of His Holy Spirit. To become a member, one publicly joins the church in a worship gathering.  


Engage! Get involved in Garber Church. We encourage you to  consider our motto of "LOVE GOD. LOVE PEOPLE. REACH THE WORLD." and to start by dedicating one hour a week to each: one hour of loving God in worship, one hour of loving people in a small group or Sunday School, and one hour of service. Remember, this is only a starting point.