Garber Preschool Mission Statement

Garber Preschool is a ministry of Garber United Methodist Church located in New Bern, NC. We are an exciting outreach commitment to the New Bern community that is vitally supported by the church. Garber Preschool was founded to provide a caring environment for preschool children where God's love can be experienced. 

Garber Preschool bases its program practices on current knowledge in the fields of early childhood education and child development as well as on personal knowledge of each child. The program stresses developmentally appropriate practices that value the uniqueness of each child and the stage of development in which each child is operating.

Garber Preschool encourages active participation in the learning process since young children learn best by doing. The preschool supports a "hands-on" and process-oriented approach to the child's interaction with the environment. Garber Preschool's theme-based curriculum recognizes that as children develop their sense of the world is ever-expanding.

Our foremost principle is: We shall respect all children. Classrooms at Garber Preschool reflect a positive attitude in dealing with each child's needs and behaviors. Children are encouraged to express themselves and their feeling in words as they are guided in their relationships with others. 

Since the family is of primary importance in the development of the child, we acknowledge a responsibility to help foster a sense of partnership between parents and the preschool. We do this by establishing a mutual respect for the home-school relationship and by enhancing the family unit as the single-most important frame of reference for the developing child.

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