Weather Policies

Garber Preschool uses Craven County School System Calendar as a guideline. Whenever the Craven County Public Schools close, the Preschool will close. If Craven County Public Schools have a two hour opening delay due to inclement weather, Preschool will open at 10:30. If the schools open one hour late, Preschool will open on time. IF excessive school days are missed due to closings will strive to   make up following the Public School Calendar. However, we will not make up days that fall on weekends, Thanksgiving, Christmas or Easter Breaks. If any exception to this policy needs to be made, it will be announced on local television channels 9 and 12. We will also do our best to update our Facebook page with important announcements.

Parent Information Guide

Our Parent Information Guide has many of our policies outlined for parents. 

In an effort to save resources, you may now download a copy of the 


2019-2020 Parent Information Guide

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