All children bring their own nutritious snack from 2 food groups daily.  Teachers and Room Parents may ask you to provide special treats for the entire class upon occasion. Please make sure you include enough for all students and 2 teachers. 

We appreciate your assistance in helping us to provide nutritious snacks for the children. Snacking makes up an important part of childhood nutrition, so the food you provide should reflect a conscientious effort on your part to help the children meet their high energy needs through healthy snack experiences.

Plan to provide a snack that includes a serving from either the fruit or vegetable group and a serving from the bread/cereal group, the dairy group, or the meat/protein group. Child-size servings are generally considered to be 1/4 to 1/3 the size of an adult serving.

Be sure that your snack is ready to serve and delivered to the classroom or refrigerator/freezer by 9 am. Mark bags or containers with your child's name so that we can make sure the snack gets to the right classroom.

The preschool provides cups, napkins, and spoons.

Snack Suggestions Memo