Special Activities and Trips

Field Trips

Garber Preschool incorporates field trips into the curriculum to broaden each preschooler's hands-on experiences. The frequency and duration of these excursions are determined by the age and maturity of each class. Our 2 year old classes rarely take a field trip. However, they usually have an Easter Egg Hunt or Year-End Party at a park or classmate's home. The 3 and 4 year old classes go on approximately 4-6 field trips each year.

Some of our past field trips have been visits to:

•a pumpkin patch

•a farm

•the theater to see a play

•a park

•the Kinston Children's Museum

•Cow Cafe

•the fire station, a dentist's office, post office or other "community helper"

•and other unique and exciting opportunities discovered and suggested by teachers or parents

Exciting Activities and Adventures

In addition to field trips away from school grounds, many exciting things happen right at school. 

•The West New Bern Fire Station brings trucks, firefighters, and Sparky (children even get to squirt the fire hose!)

•Community helpers (often parents of our children enrolled) visit and tell us about what they do at work 

•WINTERFEST- a special "Eastern NC Snow Day" of sledding, ice fishing, and more

•A Thanksgiving program by the 3 and 4 year olds

•Growing plants in our square foot garden

•A Mitten Giving Tree for Religious Community Services

•and many other fun activities like kite flying, Water Day, Circus Dramatic Play Day, Easter Egg Hunts, and a celebration of Dr. Seuss' birthday

Come join us and see what fun adventures your child can be a part of!

Field Trip Guidelines:

Garber Preschool does not own a means of transportation for the children; therefore, volunteer drivers are needed. These drivers will travel caravan style to the destination with the classroom teacher in the lead car. These drivers are expected to supervise several children as assigned by the teacher while they are traveling to and from school and while they are at their destination.

Parents are not to bring siblings or other children on the field trip. These trips are designed to be classroom type experiences, in which the children learn to function and move as a group.

All children are expected to have an appropriate car restraint system (including any necessary locking clips for car seats). The law now reads that all children under 5 or weighing less than 40lbs. must be in a car seat.

All parents cannot drive on all field trips and classroom teachers will arrange parent chaperones. The teacher will let all volunteers know if their help will be needed. Parents should not volunteer if they can not arrive at school by the departure time or if they must leave early.

All parents must sign a permission slip or their child will not be allowed to go on the field trip and should be kept at home during that time.

Please make all payments for Field Trips in CASH only to the classroom teachers. 

Click here to link to our Field Trip Guidelines.