Giving Hearts

In a world that is more focused on GETTING, we strive to teach Garber Preschoolers to have an attitude of GIVING and developing a servant's heart of service to others, just as Jesus demonstrated. We collect PJ's , mittens, scarves, socks and underwear for children served by Religious Community Services in our community at Christmas. We also have a Circus Fun day and the children must purchase a ticket with a non perishable food item for the RCS food pantry.

Spiritual Rhythms

Every Wednesday the children go to Garber's Sanctuary for Chapel Time to end their day. Pastor David Banks and his ministry staff lead the lesson for each week. The children have a lively music time which is filled with praise, movement, worship and learning. 

Garber Preschool has an age appropriate Bible story and activity to go along with our developmental curriculum's thematic unit. 

The children learn a song and short Bible verse to go along with each story. These verses and songs are reviewed daily along with the weather and calendar time.

Prayer is integrated into the day, 

especially at snack time with

a blessing and opening circle time.

Spiritual Development

Many teachers work hard to help their children look good on the outside. Inadvertently, these teachers teach their children "image management" the ability to appear good, clean, and nice. At Garber Preschool, we know a change of heart is what children really need though. Unfortunately, you can't force children to change their hearts. But we can do a lot to motivate them to make the necessary changes. We've identified several tools that, when used properly, address the heart. We strive to help children change not just the behavior but identify the feelings and heart issues that lead to behaviors....which will lead to more lasting changes.

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